A large number of Urban and Regional Planners are urgently required in the country to lead the efforts for sustainable and equitable urbanization. The School of Human Settlements has developed a future-oriented B. Plan Program to prepare graduates with the necessary technical understanding of how our cities, towns and rural habitations work, and the commitment to engage in the tasks of creating safe, just and peaceful places for all to live. The multi-disciplinary B.Plan. education prepares students for professional work, higher study and research. Graduates will find professional opportunities in various types of Planning firms, Government units and Consultancies.



In view of the extensive need for management expertise in the development and management of urban infrastructure and systems, XUMG has pioneered the first 2-year full-time MBA Program in Urban Management and Governance in the country. The planning and management of livable, sustainable and smart cities have large-scale public and environmental implications, and require sector-specific expertise to ensure appropriate citizen-centric, just and ecologically sustainable development. 

The ever-present need for Planners in the country has multiplied manifold and become urgent in the rapid urbanization in the country and the concomitant economic, social and infrastructural changes in the rural hinterlands. Moreover, with transformations in the Constitutional provisions for local governance, new modes of urban development overtaking the erstwhile state-led Master plan approach, and a renewed focus on regional planning, Planners equipped with more contemporary understandings and skills are needed. 



XIM University views research as an activity where our core institutional values are expressed clearly. At XIM University we recognize the need to participate in the global academic environment through high quality publications. At the same time, research at XIM University is also driven by the need to engage with specific clients and user groups, in accordance with our vision and values.

In order that research activities at the University may add up to create a big picture consistent with our vision, XIM University provides various institutional mechanisms to promote information sharing, shared understanding, extended research-oriented engagements with potential clients/users, and meaningful collaborations. overall, research at XIM University seeks the exciting frontiers of capacity building, social innovation, collective intelligence, human development, and such other ends as relevant to the mission of the various schools under the university.