Students’ Achievements

1st and 2nd-year MURP students of the School of Human Settlements had participated in the National Organization of Students of Planning (NOSPlan’22) event held at NITTE School Of Architecture Planning & Design, Bengaluru from 1st to 3rd April 2022. They have won several competitions in the event, in which 20 Planning colleges participated across the country.

Prizes won:

1. Present to Represent (Showcase Pinup)- First Prize (INR 15,000), the team event consisted of 5 members- Jayashree Pradhan, Minakshi Das, Puneet Pattnaik, Jyotirmaya Baral, and Soonena Mohanty 

2. Play with Colour (Canvas Painting)- First Prize, the team event consisted of 4 members- Preetikrishna Panda, Rajesh Pradhan, Ahana Samantaray, and Soonena Mohanty Picture 

3. Portraiture (Photography)- Second Prize Individual event- Preetikrishna Panda Picture

4. This or That (Debate)- Third Prize ( INR 2000), the team event consisted of 2 members- Debalay Ganguly and Preetipriya Pradhan

Live Projects