Career Advisory Services

Career Advisory Services

Career Advisory Services

The Career Advisory Services (CAS) at XIM University’s School of Human Settlements plays a vital role in overseeing all placement-related operations. Along with managing industry relations for the School of Human Settlements, the CAS team acts as a bridge between the students and the industry. Their core competencies include fostering corporate partnerships, facilitating corporate communications, marketing the school to industry stakeholders and coordinating the annual placement process for the final year students of the program MBA-Urban Management & Governance and Master in Urban and Regional Planning. They are also responsible for organizing summer internship placements for first-year students. To facilitate student-industry engagement, the CAS team arranges Leadership Talks, Summits and Conclaves, thereby promoting Industrial Institutional Cooperation. The team consists of both faculty members and student representatives.

About School of Human Settlements

The School of Human Settlements is committed to advancing and sharing knowledge on creating sustainable, inclusive, and liveable cities and communities. It provides two distinctive and innovative programs, namely the MBA in Urban Management & Governance and the Master in Urban & Regional Planning. These programs concentrate on developing expertise in planning and management within public systems, equipping professionals to tackle the challenges of urban and regional development in dynamic environments. Emphasizing practical learning, the programs involve collaborative modules with faculty members and organizations engaged in policy development, impact evaluation and technical support across government, corporate and civil society sectors.

XUBERANCE (Final Placement)

The placement process for the School of Human Settlements at XIM University, Bhubaneswar witnessed a diverse range of sectors, including urban infrastructure, government advisory, urban planning, and real estate. This year, six companies participated in the process, offering opportunities in these sectors and more. The MBA-Urban Management & Governance program focuses on developing professionals with strong management and organizational skills, complemented by a comprehensive understanding of the urban landscape. Graduates not only possess knowledge of intelligent and smart urban technologies but also possess the ability to strategically envision the direction of cities, considering their local, regional and global contexts. The Master in Urban & Regional Planning (MURP) program, aligning with current national and international perspectives on urban & regional planning and development equips students with a deep understanding of the intricate dynamics of urban systems and processes, along with practical skills for effective urban and regional planning.

In addition to the notable recruiters within XIM University’s School of Human Settlements program, such as Capital Region Urban Transport (CRUT), State Transport Authority, and Sarda Group, several new companies have shown keen interest in hiring graduates from the program. Among the new recruiters are Indian Development centre, the Government of Odisha, UN Habitat, Saahas Zero waste and others. This growing interest from diverse companies reflects the program’s strong reputation and the valuable skills and knowledge it imparts to students.

Summer Internship

The Summer Internship Program serves as a crucial component for both courses, effectively bridging the gap between academic knowledge and the practical business world. Students participating in this program engage in an immersive 8-week internship at esteemed companies, where they are encouraged to tackle time-bound, multidisciplinary projects with clear goals. This hands-on experience allows students to gain comprehensive insights into various aspects of the organizations and their operations, thereby enhancing their analytical and decision-making capabilities. By participating in the Summer Internship Program, students develop essential skills and acquire the readiness for future management roles. This year, the program attracted renowned recruiters, including Cushman and Wakefield, Colliers, Sarda Group, Government of Odisha, Arcadis IBI Group, Quantum Leap Studio, Capital Region Urban Transport (CRUT), All India Institute of Local Self-Government (AIILSG) and numerous others, offering students exceptional opportunities to work with prestigious organizations and gain valuable industry experience.

Student’s Achievements:

  1. Social Entrepreneurship Conclave, 9th February, 2019, Bhubaneswar.
  2. Summer Exchange Programme at SGH Warsaw, Poland, 1st to 19th July, 2019.
  3. 25th Annual International Association of Jesuit Business School (IAJBS) World Forum, 19th to 23rd July, 2019 at XIM University.
  4. XIM University – Model United Nations 27th to 28th September, 2019, Bhubaneswar
  5. Sampark, the CSR effort, 31st October to 3rd November, 2019, Bhubaneswar.
  6. National Organization of Students of Planning (NOSPlan) Annual Conference, 26th to 28th December, 2019, Dehradun.
  7. 4th Annual Research on Cities Summit organized by School of Human Settlements from 7th to 8th February, 2020
  8. Conducted Workshop on Urban Informality, at National Association of Students of Architecture (NASA), Bangalore, 7th to 10th February, 2020.
  9. 1st International Webinar Series on “Natural Disaster Resilience for Built Infrastructure (NDRBI)” which was jointly organized by the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Australia and the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM), India during 24th – 28th August 2020
  10. Participation in Inter-college and Intra-college sports events.
  11. International Trivia Competition organized by the International Relations Committee on 8th September 2020.
  12. Research articles published on various prestigious platforms.
  13. Urban Trivia Competition in UNNOVATIONS’ organized by the School of Human Settlements on 22nd December 2020.
  14. 5th Annual Research on Cities Summit organized by School of Human Settlements from 10th to 12th February, 2021.
  15. Student got selected for the UNSSC-UNFCCC online course “The Paris Agreement on Climate Change as a Development Agenda” that was conducted from 31st May to 9th July 2021
  16. 6th Annual Research on Cities Summit organized by School of Human Settlements from 10th to 12th February, 2022.
  17. 1st Prize – Present to Represent (Showcase Pinup) organized by National Organisation of Students of Planning (NOSPlan) 2022
  18. 1st Prize – Play with Colour (Canvas Painting) organized by National Organisation of Students of Planning (NOSPlan) 2022
  19. 2nd Prize Porraiture (Photography) organized by National Organisation of Students of Planning (NOSPlan) 2022
  20. 3rd Prize – This or That (Debate) organized by National Organisation of Students of Planning (NOSPlan) 2022.
  21. 1st Prize – Parivartan (Presentation on Gender Sensitive Mobility) organized by National Organisation of Students of Planning (NOSPlan) 2023.
  22. 8th Annual Research on Cities Summit organized by School of Human Settlements from 8th to 10th February, 2024.


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Industry Institution Engagement

As part of this Engagement, we offer industry exposure to students through Leadership Talks and the ARC Summit. These events provide a platform for industry leaders to share their insights and expertise with students, shedding light on the critical role of urban management in today’s world. Through engaging discussions and presentations, industry leaders highlight the significance of urban management and its implications for shaping sustainable and inclusive cities. Students gain valuable knowledge about the current landscape and future prospects of urban management, equipping them with a broader perspective and understanding of the field. These events foster a collaborative learning environment, where students can interact with experienced professionals, ask questions and explore the diverse dimensions of urban management.


The Summer Internship Programme forms an integral component of both the courses offered by the school of Human Settlements with an attempt to bridge the gap in student’s perception between academics and the corporate world. Under this programme, students undergo an 8-week internship at organizations where they are encouraged to take up time bound multi-disciplinary and goal-oriented assignments. During this period, the students seek to learn the various dimensions and their operations in their respective organisations. This not only enhances their analytical and decision-making abilities but with hands on experience further grooms them to be future managers.


The placements witnessed a multitude of sectors ranging from Urban Regeneration and Renewability, Urban Waste and Water Management, Urban Mobility and E-Governance along with several others, offered by the 17 companies which participated in the process this year. The MBA – Urban Management and Governance program at XIM University, Bhubaneswar produces professionals equipped with sound management and organizational skills, and understanding of the urban domain – professionals who not only understand intelligent and smart urban technologies, but also can look beyond, and set the strategic road map for the city, by taking into consideration its local, regional and global context. School of Human Settlements has launched an innovative Planning Program, i.e., Masters in Urban and Regional Planning (MURP), in tune with prevailing national and international perspectives and approaches to urban and regional planning and development. MURP is designed to develop an understanding of the complexities of urban systems and processes, and functional knowledge and skills for urban and regional planning.

Along with the XAHS program’s prominent recruiters in XIM University such as CRUT, Honeywell, Recity Network Pvt. Ltd Several new companies showed keen interest in the batch. Some of the new recruiters were Quantum Leap Studio, SAHAAS Zero Waste, World Resources Institute, Janaagraha, TATA Trusts, Centre for Public Policy Research, and several others.


The Leadership Talks organized by SHS CAS offer a unique opportunity for burgeoning urban managers and planners to gain valuable corporate insights from esteemed industry leaders. These talks serve as a platform for students to engage with current industry trends and best practices. By sensitizing themselves to the latest developments in various fields, students can enhance their understanding and brainstorm innovative ideas. The talks facilitate a professional exchange of knowledge and foster a deeper understanding of the industry, equipping students with the necessary tools to thrive in their future careers. Overall, these talks provide a valuable platform for students to broaden their perspectives and stay informed about the ever-evolving business landscape.

Leadership Talks – 2023

  • February 2023: On 13th February 2023 we had the privilege to have with us Mr. Shishir Ranjan Dash, Lead Urban Habitat of Tata Steel Foundation as the esteemed speaker for the day. Mr. Shishir shared his insights on Jagga Mission.

  • February 2023: On 24th February 2023 we had the privilege to have with us Mr. Ananya Ghosh, Consultant of Centre for Policy Research as the esteemed speaker for the day. Mr. Ananya shared his insights on Stakeholder Management is the essence of good governance.

  • July 2023: On 18th July 2023 we had the privilege to have with us Ms. Sunitha Anup, Consultant and Researcher of The International Council on Clean Transportation as the esteemed speaker for the day. Ms. Anup shared her insights on The Interconnectedness of Energy and the Environment.

  • July 2023: On 28th July 2023 we had the privilege to have with us Mr. Cherysh Karuvely, Associate Director of KPMG India as the esteemed speaker for the day. Mr. Cherysh shared his insights on The Significance of Social Interaction, Sustainable Development and Effective Management within the Context of Urban Planning.

  • October 2023: On 28th October 2023 we had the privilege to have with us Mr. Sibasish Pattanayak, Vice President in the Corporate and Government Advisory Sector of YES Bank as the esteemed speaker for the day. Mr. Pattanayak shared his insights on Showcasing a Transformative Journey towards Smart, Sustainable Cities—An Inspiring Voyage where Innovation met Urbanity.

  • November 2023: On 24th November 2023 we had the privilege to have with us Mr. Prashant Bansal, Director of Nangia Andersen LLP as the esteemed speaker for the day. Mr. Bansal shared his insights on How Flexibility and Creativity in our Approach is Crucial in the Ever-changing Field of Urban Development.

  • December 2023: On 8th December 2023 we had the privilege to have with us Mr. Deepak Kumar, Head of the ESG Cell of Union Bank of India as the esteemed speaker for the day. Mr. Kumar shared his insights on Sustainability Governance Structure in Banks, Climate Risk Governance Structure of a Bank, Governance and Policy, How to Create a Comprehensive Climate Risk Policy.

Leadership Talks – 2024

  • January 2024: On 11th January 2024 we had the privilege to have with us Mr. Shailesh Pathak, Head of Department of Growever Infra Private Limited as the esteemed speaker for the day. Mr. Pathak shared his insights on Unveiling the Layers of Smart City Initiatives, Implementation of JNNURM, AMRUT and PMAY.

Leadership Talks – 2020
  • October 2020:-  On 10th October, 2020, we had the privilege to have with us Mr. Ashish Rao Ghorpade, Deputy Director, ICLEI – South Asia as the esteemed speaker. Mr. Ghorpade threw light on the PROMISE Project of ICLEI – South Asia and emphasised on the importance of community participation for sustainable urban planning.
  • October 2020-   On 31st October, 2020, we had the privilege to have with us Dr. Roshan Jose, Senior Manager- Project, SAVELIFE Foundation  as the esteemed speaker. Dr. Jose shared his experiences of working in the domain of road safety in India.
  • December 2020- On 12th December, 2020, we had the privilege to have with us Mrs. Shabnam Bassi, Associate Director – TERI and Secretary – GRIHA Council as the esteemed speaker. Mrs. Bassi shared her insights on opportunities in green buildings.

Leadership Talk by Mr. Cherysh Karuvely, Associate Director of KPMG India
Leadership talk by Mr. Deepak Kumar, Head of the ESG Cell of Union Bank of India
Talk by Mr. Prashant
Leadership talk by Mr. Prashant Bansal, Director of Nangia Andersen LLP
Leadership talk by Mr Sishir Ranjan Dash Lead, Urban Habitat, Tata Steel Foundation


VYUHAM’23 – The CAS Conclave was organised on 1st & 2nd September 2023, where industry experts from across India came together to share their invaluable insights and experiences on the topic of “Sustainable City Revolution – Empowering Leaders to Drive Change”. These experts delved into their key learnings, openly discussed the challenges they have encountered, and offered solution-oriented approaches to addressing urban sustainability issues.

The event was a true knowledge feast that left all of us inspired and enlightened. It was an unforgettable experience that broadened our knowledge band.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the empowering speakers

  • Mr Yadhu Krishnan- (Associate Vice President- Construction Finance, Capri Global Capital Ltd)
  • Mr Robin S- (Senior Director and Head of COE, JLL India)
  • Dr Ashok Kumar Singha- (Partner, EY)
  • Mr Manmohan Behera- (Assistant General Manager, Tata Consulting Engineers Limited)
  • Mr Virsingh Kawarchhatri- (Director of Design Services, Colliers)
  • Mr Puneet Johari – (General Manager, Meinhardt Group)
  • Mr Chandan Sinha – (Associate Director and Planning Lead, AECOM India Private Limited)

for their valuable perceptions and contributions.

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