Photo Essay Competition

Photo Essay Competition

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, GOI has declared the month of January as the ‘Climate Change Awareness’ month, and as part of the initiative, the School of Human Settlements, XIM University will organize a Photo essay competition titled My City, Green City, for undergraduate and high secondary level students.This photo essay competition requires the participants to submit a single or a composite photograph captured by them and which must highlight anyone of the following:i. Issues arising in cities as a result of climate changeii. Harmful practices and activities in cities that lead to climate changeiii. Initiatives undertaken by cities and individuals to mitigate climate change

The photograph along with a brief description of the same (not exceeding 150 words) must be submitted to the following link by 31st January 2022. The results of the photo essay competition will be declared on 12th February 2022.

Link for submission:

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